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Evidence Guidelines for a Letter of Appeal in CA

by Justin Bagnall
(Oakland, CA, USA)

Hi Chris,

Thank you for all the information you have provided on this website. I have found it to be extremely helpful, especially many of the links you have provided to specific parts of CA's EDD website. I wish I would have found your site prior to the telephone interview!

I am getting ready to send a letter of appeal requesting a lower level administrative hearing. I read your section on writing an appeal letter where you suggested including evidence that may be presented at the hearing. Your suggestion was good but general; I looked through CA's appeal Q&A and found no information pertaining to including evidence.

Is including specific evidence necessary in a letter of appeal in the State of California? What is the best way to present this evidence without going into (incriminating) detail?

Thank you,


Hi Justin,

No, evidence with the appeal is not necessary. The hearing notice will come with instructions as to how to gather and submit evidence.

I don't provide detailed information about how to do this on the website because it's also a state specific issue .. like almost everything except for the very general and broad federal guidelines.

I do however, discuss this kind of stuff during phone consultations.

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