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excessive tardies and abscences due to a sick child


I have not been fired yet, due to my supervisor is on vacation at the moment. But I am past the point due to corporate policy stating that if you have 7 occurences with a years time you're terminated. Reasons for me calling in 1. My child is in daycare and when he has a fever or they feel he is too sick for him to come in, I have to stay home with him. I have no one else to keep him. 2. I live 1 hour and 15min away from work and have had to call in because of weather conditions. I have been at this job for 7 years and have been an excellent employer. My supervisor has even said the last thing she wants to do is have to fire me because she understands my situation, but as a supervisor, she has to follow corporate guidelines. On 2-19 I was called by my son's daycare to pick him up due to a 103.5 fever. The following day, even though he was still sick, I was able to get his father to watch him and I went to work. We took him to the hospital that night(2-19) because his fever had went up to 104.5 and they informed us he had double ear infection. He was sick all weekend, and Sunday I called a few co-workers to let them know I would probably not be in on Monday(2-22). Called in

on Monday (which would have caused the termination) and let the lead-tech know what was going on(supervisor on vacation). I then called in Tuesday(2-23) and Friday(2-26) due to my son still being ill and not able to take him back to daycare. I have documentation of his hospital visit plus his doctor's visit on the following monday, and I know I can get documentation from his daycare as to how sick he was. Do you think I'd be eligible for unemployment if the supervisor gets back and decides to let me go?


Get the documentation .. in case you are fired and first thing when you get back to work .. Inquire of the employer if it would be possible to get intermittent FMLA .. in case your child again becomes sick ..

If the final occurrence is documented as illness and you always try to find someone else to care for the child .. before leaving work .. you should get unemployment .. I know that employers have to follow their attendance policies .. and they are free to do so .. but in this case .. following policies becomes detrimental if they don't want to be charged for unemployment benefits.

Inquiring about "intermittent FMLA" .. may give the employer pause about firing you .. if they are required to provide that protection.

You can find out all about the requirements and guidelines for employers and FMLA at the USDOL

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