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by william armstrong
(vero beach)

My co worker and I were both laid off from the same job on the same day and even filed our initial claim from the same computer. He was recently awarded extended ben. through Nov. 2010 but I am not eligble. I spoke with a rep. and they said they would not compare and there are several factors that could attribute to him getting them and me not but she wouldnt tell me any of those factors because she would be speculating and she cant do that. I said well maybe theres been some kind of mistake. she would not give me any jusification and just said theres no mistake. I asked if I could appeal and again she said I have no grounds to appeal because they will not compare two peoples claims. Is this her just blowing smoke or could there be a legitimate reason for this?


Do you believe your determination is relevant for me to even know what you are talking about?

The only benefits that matter here are your benefits. Your co-workers benefits and situation may only help explain why you aren't getting them.

Anytime benefits are denieddd .. you have a specific amount of time to appeal per the instructions.

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