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Extensions....I know this is not your favorites

by Heather

I have received almost 6 months of benefits now. I am due to receive one more check under my initial claim. I am wondering if people are still getting extensions? If I understand correctly, your first extension takes you out to the year at least..... Hopefully they are still providing a first extension. How do I know if I will be able to get this extension? I know that they state you need to do nothing and they will determine if you are eligible, but when I think about what is to come and the six children that I am trying to support with this minimal income, until I find another job. I am more than a little anxious and stressed. Hope this question is not too bothersome. You are awesome though and I knew that if anyone could make things clear about at least a first extension, it would be you!

Hi Heather,

Not my favorite subject .. that's the biggest understatement I've read in recent memory:)

You might be sorry you asked. As you know, if there is a subject that can get me all riled up and spouting my personal opinions as a means of avoidance .. it's unemployment extensions.

The main reason discussing extensions makes me nauseous is because I've perused the information about extensions (special programs) provided by the USDOL.

If you read this information, you will find that there are more than just federal or "Fed/state" programs for unemployment extensions, but it is of course dependent on the state and some calculations for "trigger ons" for extensions to become either mandatory or optional based upon unemployment rates specific to a state.

I do not have it in me to stay current with the requirements of one state, let alone 51 and all the specific considerations I would have to take into account to stay current with this subject and write somewhat intelligently about them.

Not to mention "tiers" of benefits.

This is also why I defer everyone to .. which I believe is a part of NELP and Today Nov 16 is their day for a national call to action on the next extension.

But if it helps I believe California's Fed/EDD extensions are of the "mandatory" 13 week extension variety when your regular benefits run out.

I do have a concern though if someone were to run the numbers of this formula ..

Mandatory -- A state must pay up to 13 weeks of EB if the insured unemployment rate (IUR) for
the previous 13 weeks is at least 5% and is 120% of the average of the rates for the corresponding
13-week period in each of the 2 previous years. (The IUR is the ratio of the number of
individuals collecting regular UI to the number of workers who could potentially collect UI if
they lost their jobs.)

I wonder if this could have an effect on extensions during "long term" recessions.

If you take a look at table 4-4 .. you'll notice the EUC benefits expired 4/10 so it's just a guess that further extensions beyond any mandatory 13 weeks would need another extension to be passed.

But, I have lots of personal opinions about the state of our country, the economy, and unemployment extensions.

I do my very best to remain neutral when it comes to discussing what any state unemployment program looks for to determine a right to REGULAR unemployment benefits.

But, if you knew me personally, you would hardly consider me neutral.

I'm actually quite passionate about my beliefs and I always see the ironies of life which simply serve to
stoke my passions.

While doing some google searches to respond to your oh so nicely put question:) I came across this article while verifying I had the date of November 30, 2010 as the date the current extension expires.

The unemployed seem to be taking to the streets over unemployment extensions.

And here's my problem with another extension ..

I know the federal government is borrowing to pay extensions and even to make loans to insolvent states unable to maintain their regular benefit funds.

The debate has always been over the cost effectiveness of another benefit extension or focusing more on new job creation. The real kind .. not temporary work as a census taker.

I do my best to avoid being political on this website (I wish someone would start a political party called "common sense" I might join), but the recent election .. I'm certain, even scared those most likely to pass another extension into being a bit more conservative in their support.

I for one think that all political parties are so entrenched in promoting their party "platforms" that they all are missing the obvious of the current recession.

What used to work, will no longer work and the unemployment system in this country has changed very little since 1935. We are a much different society today in 2010 and most economies are of a global nature ..

It is politicians that have passed laws and tax breaks to allow, in fact, encourage corporate America to send the new jobs that are being created right out of this country which holds the biggest group of consumers on the face of the earth.

This has got to be one of the stupidest or more likely greed motivated behaviors this country has ever had to endure.

When I contemplate all that I know and leave what I don't know to the speculative nature my brain functions with, as to how I will survive right now, I only come up with one answer.

I can no longer rely on corporate America to behave in a way that is good for our country, because they have already proven they only care about what's good for their bottom line .. despite all the "good will" commercials they pay to air on TV about their conscientious acts to go green and save the planet.

I have to wonder who it is exactly, that will be creating new jobs within the borders of the United States ..

Well, I'm not sure, but the only place I have left to place any faith is in my fellow citizens to create jobs.

So here's some ideas I have .. because I'm sick to death of the need for unprecedented unemployment extensions.

Remove the incentives that keep corporate America outsourcing our jobs both new and old.

Remove the incentives and or allowances that keep them from paying taxes in the United States.

Consider a complete overhaul of the guidelines for unemployment insurance, including the possibility of employee tax contributions made by employees for regular benefits.

Take a look at the Wagner-Peyser act and stop urging by narrowing the guidelines in a way that is beneficial to the unemployed to act more freely in their efforts to get off of unemployment.

Yes, I know unemployment isn't a subsidy, but the same things won't work for every person when it comes to able and available for suitable work .. so lighten up and Congress, you try to put a little faith in the people you have been elected to serve .. not those you are paid to serve via campaign contributions.

Chris -

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Nov 16, 2010
I agree....
by: Heather

I see complete logic in your thoughts Chris. It is very frustrating, especially for someone in my situation and others like me who do not want Unemployment...I want a job! The horrific consequences to me due to losing my job in the first place continue to pile up. I am barely surviving on the small amount I get from Unemployment. And you are absolutely correct when you speak of this Countries Government abandoning "common sense" (I would join this political party with you). I am trying to support 6 children...hmmmm (too bad the system is not doing much to collect adequate child support for me which is a whole nother issue). I confronted my employer for altering my time sheet upon my immediate return to work from Maternity leave. The next time I came in to work I was terminated but of course they invented some "misconduct". Now I am left hoping to find another job which will pay close to what I was making blah, blah, blah.... and I have to rely on Unemployment to at least pay some of my living expenses while I stress, fight being depressed and hope that things will turn around soon. Thanks for the info that you have provided. Hopefully I can survive whatever is to come....... are you on facebook?lol

Sorry I can't help more Heather, with the extension issue. I just had a conversation with a friend in PA (she's an unemployment hearing rep for the other side:) I asked if she could definitively explain what's going on with extensions because it seems every time we draw near to a new extension .. odd things start happening that I cannot explain.

She didn't know either, only to tell me that in PA those receiving tier 4 now have to mail weekly claims vs. bi-weekly and with the continuing claim they must also provide a list of all the jobs they applied for in that week.

I know it's tough to live week to week on UIB's.
Millions were living week to week when they had a job and now they are forced to do it on half what they made living week to week.

But I also know most of us are capable of more that we think we are.

Have you checked for opportunities you might take advantage of through your state's employment office?

All this brings me to ..


Yes, I am on facebook I just don't know how to put that little blue f button on my website to promote it:) I'm not even sure this link will work:)

I'm really not much of a webmaster .. I'm only here, writing to you, thanks to tools which allow technically challenged idiots like me (not an understatement:) to build a website .. but take me out of those tools and I am a lost camper.

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