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failed drug test but more to it then that.

by gina

I failed a drug test. I am on a prescription med for anxiety. I had a bad anxiety attack off work hours and was out of my meds I took a medicine in the same family "benzo". I came to work one day my supervisor said I seemed high I had not taken any thing but my prescribed medicine that's all I all ways do. She sends me to business health for drug test. I fail cause I had the other meds in my system. What are my chances of winning my appeal with a lawyer? I live in phila pa


That is something you would have to ask your lawyer or a non-attorney rep. There's a lot ot consider when it comes to drug testing and some states have very stringent requirements of an employer about properly drug testing.

Pennsylvania does not require attorneys for unemployment hearings though.

In fact, PA doesn't even require unemployment hearing referees to be attorneys.

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