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failing a mock test that I was not aware of.......

by Pamela
(Fond du Lac, WI)

I got fired 1 month ago and this is all truth. I was told after I had worked at Charter for 7 weeks we had to take a "mock" test and some other tests on paper. If you failed they LET you go. I thought I did not have to worry I have 25 years of customer service where as other new hires unlike me had been at Walmart for a month. I had been on the phones my entire life. I am EXTREMELY professional on the telephones, well spoken, can handle any type of customer ect. Now the only difference between me and the other 12 is age. I am almost 50 they were all about 21 or so. The supervisor was young as well.

Well by my surprise they told me I failed THE TEST by 6 points. They would decide what to do and get back to me. They continued to put me on the telephones for a week while I heard nothing! I had asked at least 10 times why I had answer ever. On Thursday morning I came in and checked my email and to my surprise was this huge "SUPER STARS OF THE CALLCENTER",,,,,I was number 3 out of almost 500. This is for great numbers, stats ect. The primo top 10 of the callcenter. I was number 3!!!!!
Well later that day my supervisor asked to see me He said we need to terminate you due to you failing the test. I said WHAT!!!??? your kidding, this is a joke, I was just named a superstar. They completely ignored me. I had to sign papers that I failed the test.
Tov this day I have no idea what I missed on the test. I have no idea what the 6 points were. But this is my strange but true story. Do I qualify for unemployment? I did receive a letter from unemployment that if I do win my case from Charter I can collect from my old employer of 7 years.

Hi Pamela,

I sure hope you saved that SUPER STARS OF THE CALLCENTER email:))

They didn't review the mock test with you?
They didn't tell you why you were shy six points?
They ignored you when you again asked at your termination for??
They waited a week to fire you? And then they did it after they sent out an email that showed you were number 3 on the super star list out of 500.

What a brilliant employer!!!

I'm going to go out on a limb Pamela .. I'm going to say that WISCONSIN will give you unemployment benefits, but I won't go as far as to say that you won't find it necessary to appeal to get the job done.

I also think you might think about contacting a lawyer to find out if you get a right to sue letter from the EEOC what they think of your situation for a wrongful termination case based on age discrimination. if a person is 40 or older they can be discriminated against based on age.

It might just end up being for s***s and grins .. but you won't know unless you ask.

Can you tell I take age discrimination personally:))

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Reply re: failing mock test
by: Anonymous

I think the company did a dirty deed, and many companies are resorting to this nowadays. I would definitely fight them and appeal them if need be -- they are jerks! They did this "mock test" scaremongering at my workplace too; funny thing is, they let those they like "cheat" and didn't consequence them.

There seems to be a theme developing tonight about companies getting down and dirty and trying all sorts of tactics.

I'd really like some people to tell their success stories against some of these companies .. Tell us about your rotten bosses:) Click here!

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