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failure to adhere to the companys scheduling policy

by Savanah
(New York)

I was employed by this company and told that they had flexible scheduling, which they did at first. They did not have a set schedule for anyone. They then gave out a memorandum a year after I was employed that you must adhere to a set schedule 2 days in advance but made special arrangements for me to work my schedule that I had but with a few tweaks. Then two months later after the schedules were supposed to change again they decided to give a few of my coworkers the schedules they want but fire me because I could not adhere to the current schedule policy. I dont think that this is violating company policy or an attendance issue but I am not sure. This new policy is not enforced throughout the company and I told them that I was willing and able to work what I was hired for, which was weekends. There are only 2 people in my department including myself but they made arrangements for her although she cannot adhere to the schedule and not for me. Can I qualify and if I do qualify what kind of termination is it?

Hi Savanah,

Tell me why you couldn't work the new schedule.

Tell me whether they had everyone sign or initial somewhere that they were made aware of that "memorandum" which altered their policies.

Did you flat out refuse or did you try to explain why you couldn't work the schedule.

Please keep everyone else out of this .. that is cluttering the issue.

Just some things to think about while reading how ..

New York explains what work related misconduct looks like.

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