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Fairness and Impartialiality at an Unemployment Hearing Is A Mandated Ideal

by Chris

The idea that you will receive a fair tribunal unemployment hearing, resulting in a decision written by the hearing officer presiding, completely impartial to either party and only focused on the intent of the relevant section of law, is a pleasant thought, but one many have learned, is a tough ideal to meet.

The burden of delivering fair and impartial, also requires overriding the human tendency to show bias.

As you can see in the YouTube video below, the Tennessee unemployment appeal section seems to want to put you at ease that you can expect all H.Os to live up to this divine ideal.

However, I found it curious that the H.O. informed both party's in this public, and I presume, educational video, they could be represented by an attorney, but neglected to let them know that per Tennessee unemployment appeal instructions, they also have the right to be represented by any other representative of their choice.

Might that little detail might of been left out on purpose? My guess, when a state underinforms is usually, yes. All because there is at minimum, a thirty percent advantage for a pro business state if you think you can do your own representing.

(Note: Thomas and Thorngren is an unemployment cost control company and either this was staged, or someone fell down on the job preparing and guiding this HR director .. or maybe she just ignored some good advice about creating merits.)

See if you can tell where the claimant might of made an objection, or two, himself, if this video hadn't been made for general instructional purposes and the hearing officer wasn't performing for YouTube. Might he of sounded .. and even acted differently if he might be personally influenced by pro business bias?

You need to prepare .. for this too, just in case.

So, what do you think? Whether real, or an enactment of an actual record .. should this appeal hearing be a winner, or a loser for the claimant's appeal?

(Remember, he was initially denied benefits, by the TN claims section of the dept.)

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Jul 14, 2018
Complete biased!
by: Amanda

I am trying to find out how to get a copy of my hearing phone recording. You would not believe how this officer treated me. He even shares personal information that my previous employer (on the call) should not have heard. I was just dumbfounded. He would ask me a question and when I tried to answer he would interrupt me. I know these people are busy. I was simply attempting to state facts. He did not want to hear it. He even twisted around the documents that I sent in that were easily should have been easy for him. I know he treated me with bias and I don’t know who to contact above him in the state of Alabama.

Glad you asked this question about how to get a copy of the recording of the hearing, because it's the first thing anyone should do .. if anyone asks me, how to begin making a compelling written argument in support of a simple appeal letter .. when appealing a hearing officer's decision, to an Unemployment Insurance Board of Review.

At the very bottom of this page, which basically outlines how to appeal an initial claim determination in Alabama, is the number I would first call to inquire about getting a copy of the recording of that hearing.

For convenience .. here it is 1-800-321-9323 but still recommend reading any and all state info, once can find.

Let me know if the number doesn't work and I'll search further for a different one.


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