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falsification of company documents

The company has downsized the maintenance departments so much that you have one guy running between 3 properties to handle maintenance calls. We are talking hotels here. I've been in property maintenance for over 30 years and know how much staff is needed to properly care for a building. At the hotel I worked at, there should have been at least 3 men and I have been told that there were 3 men on staff in previous years. I was fired for falsifications of documents. The work was done. I spent half the previous work day at another hotel trying to get their pool chemicals balanced and the trash out of the pool so that their guests would enjoy it, while my pool suffered. They have the maintenance managers working 50 hours a week and aren't looking to pay you for overtime. So my documentation waiting on my desk to be filled out for the work that was done is not done signed off on when inspected. I have documentation in video and pictures showing how the maintenance men for this company are put between a rock and a hard place. Thanks for letting me vent. CArthur

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