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Family emergency caused me to leave state and not finish temp assignment

by Sue
(Tampa, FL)

I was laid off from my job in March. I applied and was approved for UC. In May, I accepted a temp-to-hire position with a 3 month probationary period (see if I like them, they like me, etc.) My probationary period is up August 6. I had to leave the state due to a family emergency and will probably not be back by this date. My agency is checking in with me and I am checking in with them. Technically, I am still employed by them. If they get someone else to fill in for me, or decide to go with another temp, or obviously do not offer me the job because I am not there to take it yet, can I file for benefits? I would still be reporting to them to see if they have another assignment.

You can, but don't forget, you are not available for work due to your circumstances. Ability and availability for work is required to collect.

When you get home though, that self imposed restriction would be removed .. as long as you are still an employee of the temp agency and have complied with all their rules about requesting temp assignments and they can't provide one .. but of course .. they may fight it and then the point of contention will be the reason of the family emergency .. so document, document, document all contact with the agency and any documentation which shows the emergency was a justifiable reason for requesting a leave.

You'll need it .. at least in my experience with temp agencies.

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Jul 24, 2010
family emergency, cont..
by: Sue

I continue to thank you for your quick and professional response. I have to say that I am very amazed and pleased with your website and with you. Kudos will be spread, believe me. As far as my situation, I will do what I have to do regarding my family. I will file my claim, and will appeal if I have to. I believe I have good cause, and the temp agency should not even care, since they will not be counted toward my uc credits. If they do, well then, so be it. I will move forward. If anyone reads this, I hope they learn a little bit about temp work. You are da***d if you do and da***d if you dont. Once bitten twice shy. Thanks, Chris, you are certainly a light for us who are wondering what to do, and cannot get any straight answers..


Jul 23, 2010
Family emergency caused me to leave state and not finish temp assignment (cont)
by: Sue

thanks for your quick reply, I do understand. Since then, I have read up a bit more on this circumstance. What about if I am forced to stay here longer than I expected? I need to have some income and if I do not get it in the form of UC, I will be actively looking for a temporary job here. If I cannot come back (vicious circle, no UC benefits, no income to come back) they will have to fill that spot. If I then give the reason of relocating due to no work (after they fill the spot and have no other assignments), could I win an appeal due to those circumstances? After all, I dont know what their concern is, my benefit year does not include them. They will base my benefit year on the last quarters of which I worked for my initial claim. They would not get taxed for this, since the 2 and 1/2 months I worked for them was the last quarter and Florida UC does not count that. thanks again!!

Let me explain the concern for any employer you may have subsequent to filing a claim for benefits.

They may not be a base period employer now, but they could be if you have to file for another benefits year.

The other question would require me to know more details about your specific circumstances, but searching the Q&A's might provide more answers you still need or even help you frame a better question about what it is specifically you still want to know ..

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