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Family members at the job

by Kathy


I worked at a restaraunt with no limits on hiring family members. I am an employee and also the relief manager.

The exe.mgr. allows her granddaughters and family members (6 in all) to do things against the rules without any warnings or write-ups but if reg. employees break the same rules they are written up, screamed at or sent home for the day.

I have talked about the unfairness and wrong doing and how she can never run the business correct with respect from her employees with this you think this would be a case for unemployment benefits if I file a claim.

I have never been written up or have any misconducts. I have dealt with this,talked about it,had many promises it would be dealt with and she would talk to all her family and make them follow rules like everyone else, but it never happens. I have made myself sick with worry and it really bothers me to see good people treated and talked to so bad like she does.

Yes I know well how it feels to be on the receiving end of her harsh, hurtful and rude comments.

Thank you for any advice in this matter.

Hi Kathy,

Well you told me a personal story, but you did not tell me if you quit or were fired from your job.

If you quit your job .. it would be a tough go. k

If you were fired .. then we're talking about an employer's failure to "uniformly enforce the rules" .. and whether anything you did do was good cause for termination.

Even though you didn't tell me .. I'm guessing you quit.

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Jul 26, 2010
Thank you again
by: Anonymous

You are so very wise!! The last day I worked I said "I have had enough" as I was leaving.
You are also right about the fact of it coming into your home and effecting your family and the quality of your life.
My boss had a sister working there,
she was a royal b... cussed out the boss (which was her sister) for trying to tell her to calm down and leave everyone alone.
Well after this behavior she filed for unemplyment and got I can only guess the sister lied about her reason for leaving.
Oh course I know it would be a fight for me to get to draw.

You are so nice to help out us people who have no where to turn, it helps to know someone out there cares.

Thank you so much again,Kathy


I'm no wiser than the next person .. I just reached my own limitation for job related BS.

I do care and I intentionally decided who it is I want to help, but unfortunately, I cannot afford to help with the kind of detail and discussion I think is necessary to help people focus objectively on their own situation.

I now provide consultation to justify continuing to answer free questions ... It's where my good intentions come face to face with my hungry bank account:))

Jul 26, 2010
Thank you for your help
by: Anonymous

As of right now I still work there but thinking of not returning after my two days off.
I am honestly afraid to go back as I know what my treatment will be from her.
My nerves are torn from this and my health affected.


Well then, my best advice is to make sure you have the ability to prove all you say and it's just my opinion that you won't be able to .. because you mentioned nothing about medical documentation attributing your health problems to the work .. in TN .. which would be required if memory serves. You need to check the statutes

As "at will" employees, we always have the choice to do what is best for ourselves .. it's just that sometimes what we believe would be best for us will not allow us to collect unemployment.

This is all about consciously making a decision about a job that makes us a nervous wreck.

I for one, am not fond of the idea of ever working for someone again, but I also know that that itself is a personal preference.

So here I sit .. writing about unemployment .. not because it's a passion of mine, but because being free of some potential wacko of a boss or callous impersonal corporate entity was the motivation to find another "independent" way to earn a living .. not get rich.

I just want to live my life on my own terms .. to feel like I'm in control.

Nothing more, nothing less. Money was an issue that kept me in a job I hated and had some very real and documented effects on my health. But I felt trapped .. until I released myself.

After all, what good does a paycheck do if you're lying in the hospital .. or drop dead of a stroke or heart attack .. or worse yet .. you wind up living every moment of your life hating the place you spend most of your waking hours.

It's not just our health .. our attitude about a job extends to how we treat our families and even strangers.

My point .. it never ends until we choose to say ENOUGH ALREADY!

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