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fear of becoming injured.

I am a delivery truck driver and have hurt myself twice

with-in the past year.My first injury was for a torn rotator cuff,which I hurt while delivering tires (fell off back of truck). I had surgery to repair the torn rotator cuff.I used my disability insurance instead of filing for workers compensation. My second injury was to my right elbow,which I had surgery to remove several loose bodies after stricking my elbow on a steel plate on the rear of truck.This time I filed for and received
workers compensation for my medical bills and 4 weeks of lost wages.


I assume you want to know if your fear is good cause for quitting?

Not unless the employer is violating some kind of safety law and you can prove that you are a victim of the violations.

Being accident prone would not be attributable to the employment.

Although it might be a good personal reason .. it's like I keep saying .. quitting almost always needs to be attributable to the work.

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