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Federal Emergency Benefits if Denied regular UI

by Ftcollinschick
(Colorado Unemployment Benefits)

I was fired from my job in September in Colorado without warning on very sketchy reasons. I was initially awarded benefits because the employer did not provide the additional documentation and proof that was requested, as they did not have anything at the time.

They have since appealed the decision and we had our hearing last week. When I first applied the unemployment representative I was working with indicated that if I was found to be at fault for my separation, I don't believe I was, that I would be disqualified for 10 weeks and then able to apply for Emergency benefits if they were available.

I was fairly confident walking into my hearing but my employer had an attorney and changed their story for the 3rd time. I answered all of the questions that were asked by both their attorney and the hearing officer and even objected to some documents that they tried to enter in as evidence.

I am wondering if the UI Rep was correct about the Emergency UI benefits? I am just trying to be two steps ahead in case I do get a unfavorable decision.


What you told me that the deputy or claims rep told you .. does not make any sense to me whatsoever.

EUC benefits are not possible before exhausting regular state unemployment benefits.

10 weeks is the CO disqualification for misconduct which means if you fulfill and serve all the conditions you must to remove the disqualification, you should still have 16 weeks of regular benefits left before the benefit year expires.

So, .. did you have an existing claim already that was reopened when you applied because of this last job separation?

Because that's the only thing that begins to make any sense out of what you've told me.

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Dec 12, 2011
by: Ftcollinschick

So I received my hearing decision last week and lost the appeal. It reversed the original decision. I called the Appeals office on Friday and they told me that to watch the My UI Claimant website to see when my benefits showed as exhausted and to call in to get put on federal benefits.

My claim showed exhausted on Friday evening, so I called the Claims line this morning and in about 5 minutes they put me on Federal UI Benefits.

So What I found out in this process that may be helpful for others in Colorado:

1. Even if you are found at fault for your separation, as long as it is not for Gross Misconduct, you will probably get federal EUC benefits.

2. If you have questions and you are in the appeals process, try the appeals number before trying the claims number. They often have more information and you can get through quicker.

3. If you have to call the claims office. The key to get through is to keep calling like you are trying to win something on a radio station. Once you get through to the claims line not the self-service line be prepared to hold. I have called twice and was on the phone for more then 100 minutes each time.

4.Call your workforce center to see when UI Reps are coming to your county. I have had luck getting into talk to someone by getting there before the office opens and getting on the list.

5. Lastly, if you get a notice of overpayment, immediately file for a waiver. I am in the process and was told because I renewed my lease and my income without UI is minimal I would probably qualify.

Hope my experience helps someone else.

Dec 07, 2011
Federal Emergency Benefits if Denied regular UI
by: Ftcollinschick

It didn't really makes sense to me either. She also said what they do when it is your fault is deny for all but one week and then move you to emergency benefits. I had never heard of this before and just figured that if you are denied you are denied. Are the Emergency benefit qualifications different then regular UI? I wish I could recall more of the conversation but it was a few months ago and I had almost forgotten about it until I had my hearing.

Must have something to do with the weird Colorado DQ's .. they postpone benefits for 10 weeks plus the waiting week and remove all the wage credits attributed to the employer for which you were disqualified from benefits for which effectively, reduces the WBA.

But I don't see that they have a purging requirement which most states do and forces a disqualified person to find new employment and earn a multiple of the WBA before they are able to requalify.

See the tables about DQ's at DOLETA to see what I'm rambling on about.


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