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Federal extension for unemployment - Update 6/8/2010

by Chris -

Here it is June of 2010 and yet again .. for the third time I'm writing again about how our "senators" are dragging their feet and apparently under-estimating the devastation this recession has had on our country.

I received another email from NELP (Opens in new window). They really can answer your questions about unemployment extensions and if extensions do continue .. you should probably thank them for their unending efforts.

They want you to contact your senators and tell them to pull their heads out of their asses .. nicely of course:) because the senate is doing the same old thing which may effect your ability to feed your kids.

I'm a very opinionated woman. One opinion is .. the right to bitch is earned .. by participating in solutions.

Tell your senators now is not the time to desert you .. if they can't see their way clear to passing another extension because of the deficit .. tell them to find a solution that works.

Something along the lines of out of the box thinking to create new jobs??? Maybe making better use of some under-used UI programs???

Maybe even a small employee payroll tax for UI???

Hell, a whole lot of you still think you've been paying into the system your entire working life.

Comments anyone?

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Jun 21, 2010
I need help or a job
by: Anonymous

Ive been unemployed now for almost a year. Why did the freaking unemployment dept not even warn me that my benefits were running out until they already did? I was with an employer for almost 2 years---never at the age of 50 did I think I would be looking for work...and not finding any. This sucks. Congress has to help.

Jun 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

Getting better!!!!what a joke this is crazy,i have been looking for a job for 2 years.And yes there are jobs that are willing to pay 9 dollars an hour but being as i was making 25 a hour before i went on bedrest when i was pregnant with my son 9 dollars wont even cover daycare...My husband thank god is working,but we have 3 kids and its not cutting it,our savings is gone and i cannot find anything,my kids have no insurance which was covered by what i did for a living,We need a extension or jobs or something because we all drowning......Maybe if higher people were affected that something would be done,but being as there paychecks are comming in,and there kids have insurance and go on vacations than why should they care.......were drowning and noone cares........REAL NICE....

Jun 09, 2010
If you're going to extend unemployment benefits make the money do double duty.
by: Chris

They'd probably tell you things are getting better .. just hang tight .. Michigan's unemployment rate has dropped from seventeen percent to 14 .. Then hop into their foreign car, drive away with a smug superior look on their face .. and move to Wisconsin or New York where the rate is 8.4 ha ha.

Has anyone ever heard of a Self Employment Assistance program for the unemployed?

I wonder what would happen if they mandated all states have a self employment assistance program.

You'll notice that just a handful of states have opted to participate. .. and I'm not so sure how active the existing programs are.

I've never come across anyone that told me they were able to take advantage. Of course they "profile" unemployment claimants they think would "fit in".

Here's a few questions I'd like to ask ..

If your state had an unemployment program such as this .. would it peak your interest?

Do you think it would be a wiser use of some of the unemployment funds?

Have you given thought to starting a business of any kind?

I mean ... if corporations are going to send every job possible to some other country .. how are jobs going to be created if our government doesn't invest in the unemployed?

Most people .. including politicians get comfortable in their ruts ..

"Many people are in a rut and a rut is nothing but a grave with both ends kicked out."

"The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs."

Both quotes by Vance Havner

Jun 08, 2010
We Need Unemployment Extensions
by: Richard Stedman

There is no work here in Michigan, You cant even get a full time job at burger king,and who could live off that.Like to see some republican senators stuck in the situation here, Then lets see how they would vote!

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