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feeling harrassed

by deana
( casa grande,az, usa)

my boss calls to question me about things at work when i am off if i do answer she will ask me the next day if im reliable to be working there since i don't answer the telephone.

Hi Deana,

Since you asked your question about quitting .. my first question to you is .. Have you addressed this situation of calling you on your time off off work?

Have you asked if she believes your reliability can be called into question for not answering your phone when not at work .. would she consider paying you to be available to do so?

Document the communications on the subject .. may I suggest emails.

I would not suggest quitting at this point. You did not mention one thing to substantiate that you would have good cause to quit.

If you quit .. the burden to prove good cause is yours.

If you document .. and she then starts writing you up for reliability issues based on your unavailability during non-work hours .. then come back and talk to me.

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