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Filling in for vacation

by Char
(New Jersey)


I am currently collecting benefits from NYS.  I live in NJ.  I work part-time, one day a week, when needed.    If I were to fill in for someone who is going on vacation for a week,  what happens too my benefits. Do I need to refile a new claim or would I still continue on extended benefits and not claim for that week?    It would only be for one week that I would be working.  It would probably be an 8 hr day for 5 days.  

Thank you,


Do you have to file for extension benefits weekly or bi-weekly?

I've never filed a claim for an extension .. so I'm not sure if the questions are different that filing for regular benefits, but I suspect they are quite the same.

What I think would be proper is to file for that week, but report the wages you earned in that week and answer all other questions accordingly.

Just make certain that you report the wages.

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