Find A Job?
I Wish You Luck ..

Find A Job? The unemployment department insist you at least try to find suitable work and rightly so .. but what happens when there aren't enough jobs to go around?

Bluntly speaking, I'd rather live in a tent and forage for nuts and berries for sustenance than have to give thought to finding a job by faxing a resume to hundreds of employers and recruiters only to speculate that the "scanner" that read it spit it out without human eyes ever seeing it.

I know you might not agree with the preceding statement, but please don't hold it against me .. I did not say I'm not willing to work .. I'm just tired of working for someone else who has a vested interest in making me doubt my own value as a subliminal means to control of my life.

I am more than willing to work hard, venture into and learn something new, in order to earn a living and you probably are too, but how do you decide what path is right for you when you are told repeatedly, you aren't what they are looking for .. or maybe even when you can't seem to get your foot in the door to be told this much.

I say .. start by evaluating what interests you, what you like to do, what brings you satisfaction. I don't think it's to sappy to expect a "new way to earn a living" to fulfill many personal needs beyond the paycheck, even though that is a primary concern.

Don't let a underpaying soul/life sucking deadend job choose you.

Choose your own path.

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