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Fired because of Nepotism

by Bartender
(St. Pete, Florida)

I worked for 5 years in an upscale restaurant, the last year and a half for the current owner. His daughter is the general manager and one night, like most nights, she was drunk. As I was talking to a customer, she stood at the end of my bar and repeatedly yelled my name. I ignored it and finished serving my customer. I then walked over to her and said sternly "please, do not yell my name and interrupt me when I am talking to a guest." She just laughed so I said, again sternly, "it's not funny - don't do that again". Then I just turned and walked away. She stormed off without saying anything to me and I didn't see her for the rest of the night. I finished my job and went home without hearing anything about it. A few days later I got a call from the owner saying I was fired because I swore at her and he couldn't tolerate speaking to management like that. I replied that I not only didn't swear at her, I said please. He said two other employees heard me, according to her, but he would make some calls to check out what I said and call me back. A couple of hours later I got a TEXT MESSAGE that there was nothing to discuss - I was fired. When asked later, he would not reveal who supported her story.

Hi Bartender,

If you haven't opened a Florida unemployment claim....DO SO.

Explain to the state in detail the circumstances. If that customer was a regular, see if they will write a statement to what they heard also...or anyone else for that matter.

If this has to go to hearing, remember, it is the daughter who will need to be the witness. The father does not have first hand knowledge of the event he fired you for. As for the two witnesses...possibly they are fearing for their own jobs.

The type of behavior you described the daughter (general manager) to have demonstrated, is not the type of behavior anyone should have to tolerate to earn a living. I'm referring to drunken behavior from a boss.

Sounds like a spoiled rotten brat extracting her revenge.

Oh, and by the way, any written documentation from the employer...besides the text message?

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Nepotism, indeed
by: Anonymous

Funny that you titled your reply that way....when I was explaining to a former co-worker who only speaks Spanish why I no longer worked with him, he replied "[expletive] nepotismo". I have now filed a claim with as much detail from the incident as was possible. The customer was not a regular, so that isn't much of a possibility. The other bartender that night, who also happened to be the bar manager, did hear her from at least 25 feet away, but didn't hear my response. Interestingly enough, though, he now has been fired also basically for going to bat for me, though that was not the reason given. There is no other documentation (other than the text, which I did save) of which I am aware.
Thank you so much for your response - I truly appreciate the effort.

Corroborating witness for unemployment hearing
by: Chris

Just a quick note to let you know that although the bar manager didn't hear your comment to her, what she yelled and was heard from twenty-five feet away is strong testimony, if it ever comes to a hearing.

In fact, you'd both be excellent witnesses for each other. Remember, since you were fired it falls to the employer to prove misconduct and anything that exposes their true motivation for firing you can only help.

Just because an employer says something is true does not mean it will be believed...especially with testimony to the contrary. Truth is powerful stuff.

Good Luck

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