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Fired because the boss was turning the company over to his son Missouri

by Mindy
(Arnold, MO)

Hi all,

First off I was let go by my boss sending me a text message stating that he was stepping down as President and turning the company over to his son and his son's wife was taking over my position. I filed for my unemployment. Then today I got a call from the investigator from the unemployment office. I guess now my boss is claiming that I lied on my time card and I was overusing the computer at work. So my question is will I get denied benefits? will the unemployment office have to use the text as proof as to why I got fired or will all the accusations be used to determine if I get benefits or not.

Excuse me Cindy, but it seems to me that a hard copy of the text sent to the unemployment adjudicator is real documentation that proves all the flying accusations .. are not the truth.

If you are denied .. you would of course appeal because you do not have the burden of proof you aren't guilty of misconduct .. the employer is the one that has to prove you are guilty.

If the employer were telling the truth .. there should be corresponding written warnings to show you had been made aware of these alleged violations of a "real" written down employer rule and the final warning of course should also serve to make you aware that further infraction would lead to termination so you could know your job was in jeopardy.

No documents .. to prove you had been committing time fraud and overusing your work computer for what I assume would be "personal use" .. equals a very weak case for the employer.

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