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fired due to points

by cassandra

Can I collect unemployment due to being fired for pointing out. My work has a 7 point system and my babysitter doesn't always get up when I get there. I was just wondering if I can collect if I get fired for it. And my work knows that is my reason and my babysitter can vouch for it too. so can I collect unemployment for it?

Hi Cassandra,

It should be clear that the cause for pointing out on an established attendance policy might not work out for the employer trying to deny benefits when the final incident can be shown to be "beyond the employee's control".

However, I myself wouldn't try to fight the employer at an unemployment hearing that I'm not guilty of work related misconduct because my babysitter doesn't always get up when I get there.

Seems to me the first time that happened and especially if I knew her/his behavior was jeopardizing my job .. I'd of started looking for a "reliable" babysitter that understood the concept of meeting my expectations since I'm the one that pays the babysitter for services.

You are aware of what is jeopardizing your job, so address the problem .. because the quality and reliability of the person caring for your child is not the employer's responsibility or concern.

Get busy .. find a reliable babysitter.

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