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Fired for a dishonest act.

by Sophia
(Canoga Park, CA)

My manger had authorized a mechanic to use the shop on the weekends only to work on putting a new engine on my truck. The mechanic ordered parts that were needed for replacement and forgot to tell me. As time went by i was not aware of it and vendor called my manager requesting payment. Than i was called in the office and told that i would be suspended till further notice from HR. Manager did not give me much details other than a balance owed on the account and that he would get back to me as soon as he got an answer from HR. I just knew from working wiht the company that once suspended, in other words it was a lay off. While waitng for a call back i continued to follow up and no answers. I finally called payroll and asked if my final payment was ready and they sai that check would be thre the following day. So, than i knew i was no longer with the company and called to file for benefits and told them exactly what the manager told me. I also called HR to get an explanation and HR manager said that i had been let go because i broke comapny policy by using company account. I nkew that if i tried to explain what happen there was not turning back for employer. The decision had been made and no matter what i said would make a difference. I considered getting a lawyer, but i did not want to get the mechanic fired. So, now i been notified to pay unemployment back and i don't think it's right that i was not given a reason at all. On the day of suspension i did ask for a written suspension notice, but manager said i didn't have to sign or wait for any papaerwork. Till this day the only other thing I am aware of is that according to unemployment it was a "dishonest Act". and therefore, CA section 1256 request that it be paid back .


I don't think you should consider getting a lawyer .. I think you should get a lawyer. Unemployment fraud is nothing to mess around with.

I might assume from the fact that since you received benefits and now have been denied and they are requesting the benefits back .. that you either missed the unemployment appeal hearing requested by the employer .. or you misrepresented facts and a redetermination was issued.

If you missed a hearing .. I'm certain the amount they want back is quite a bit. Get some legal help.

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