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Fired for alleged fraud, won the initial contestation of benefits, and am in my first appeal with my former employer filing.

by Robert

Former employer is out of state. They are asserting that my documentation excusing absences for medical reasons are fraudulent, and fired me for this reason. In the appeal, they also challenge the documentation for my jury duty in the same week despite it not being the initial reason for termination. I'm scared because I don't know what to expect in the hearing, and while they submitted all of the original excuse notes with the word "fraudulent" handwritten on top, they did not include a witness list or anything that hints at how they intend to prove this in the appeal notice. Furthermore, I received the notice just shy of one week before the date of the hearing.

I am filing a written request to extend the date, while also attempting to contact the local bar and legal aid to get representation. I just don't know what else to do.

Hi Robert,

The witness with direct testimony should be the person that called your doctor's office to verify the submitted doctor notes.

If you have anything to (documents) to prove the employer's contention that anything you may have submitted to them is not in fact fraudulent get it ready to fax to the appeal office and send to the employer prior to the hearing.

Save the confirmations that you did in fact send it to the other interested parties.


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