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Fired for an error on my time card

by Anonymous

I submitted more hours than I worked for a particular day. My boss confronted me and I admitted doing this but only as an error. I did not intentionally try to get paid for more hours then I worked. I submitted my time card at 0130 in the am. I was half asleep and didn't realize the error at the time. I have never been written up for any job I have ever worked.


If you have never been written up by this employer you just need to apply for unemployment and tell it like it is.

Explain the circumstances truthfully and let the process take it's course.

Remember a one time mistake caused by mitigating factors (you were half asleep) such as you described may not be considered misconduct.

I only get half the story in this question and answer format, but the state will get both sides and make their decision based upon the information.

If it was truly a one time mistake things might work out for you, but if your employer tells the state either now or at an unemployment hearing that there were other occurrences....probably not.

Determining good cause is really just employing good common sense.

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