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Fired for attendance - Canada Unemployment

by Kassandra
(brantford, ontario, canada)

I work in a collection agency in a very stressful environnment and around a lot of other people who were constantly coming in sick. I was constantly getting migraines even after i received my new glassses, to the point i would throw up i would have to leave or not come in for the day they have a 10 day sick policy and then you are written up and if it happens again your fired. i was fired, unfortunately I cant help when i get sick and with the way the ecom0onmy is going i cant finds another job at the time. I am looking in to going back to school but now that wont be until at least second semester if i get accepted would i be able to collect.

Hi Kassandra,

The only thing I know about unemployment benefits eligibility in Canada is what I learn by reading information at

From what I have read, the United States and Canada Unemployment Insurance system are very similar .. except Canada's appears to be uniform from province to province.

In addition, their website is really nice. It has so much information that can be accessed from the front .. I'm envious.

Near the bottom you'll notice they have a link to "Employment Insurance Digest of Benefit Entitlement Principles" ... Awesome!!

I did do a little reading and I suspect that Canada also may require some approval from them to go to school and collect benefits. In the United States, unless you are in "State approved training" there is not much chance you'll be getting benefits because it affects your availability for work.

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