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Fired for attendance in PA, had FMLA...


I had FMLA, had to go through my normal recertification process, had my Dr's office fax the filled out paperwork (that has been approved in the past) form back to my insurance company. Got a call from my boss today over the phone and was fired for attendance saying that my FMLA was denied. Now I haven't recieved anything yet telling me that I was denied. Also my boss didn't even give me the chance to get it straightened out to find out why it was denied. I've been on FMLA for over a year at my job. Do I have anything to go on here as far as wrongful termination? Also what would my chances be for unemployment?


Well, I'm not certain, but I certainly think it's worth a visit to a lawyer or at the very least the government FMLA website

And you should absolutely file for UI benefits.

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