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Fired for attendance issues because my son was sick and I did provide doctor notes - California

by Nicole
(Crescnet City Ca)

my son was sick and I provided doctor notes and i was late a few times...I was given a final on the 12th of the Month and i wasnt late again and then I was fired on the 17th and Home Depot said I recieved my final on the 9th and would not give me a copy of my final so i could prove that it wasnt given on the 9th but the 12th instead. Home Depot's policy is that they give you a coaching, a counseling and then a final. I never recieved a coaching or a counseling just a final. I also had to miss work for mediation and to gather evidence for my Attorney for a domestic Violence case against my ex. I went to my Manager and told him that I needed time off asap but was denied and told I could take LOA in a few weeks after court. I was raped by my ex last year and he did not get caught because i didnt report it until it was to late and he had the possibilty of going to prison this time for violating my restrainging order and I told my Manager that this case was to much for my to handled right now with work but I was not given anytime off. However he made exceptions for other employees with car problems...etc.

Hi Nicole,

Let me get this right. You were fired for being late because your son was sick and you provided the employer with notes from a doctor each time?

Read this part of the CA determination guide and see how it applies to your circumstances.

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