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Fired for being a poor fit

by lindsay

i was hired 3 weeks ago as a paralegal. I let my boss know my experience, provided him with my resume and references. He did not call any of my references, he told me what my duties would be in the office on a daily basis and he offered me the position right there at the interview. I began work for him and all of a sudden he was asking me to do things that were way above me, he had also fired 4 people from the same position before me. He pulled me upstairs and asked me " Do you even know what your doing?" And I said well yes, but you do understand I have only been doing this for 3 years so I am still learning. He told me " he didn't have the time nor the want to answer questions or train someone" He then fired me 1 week later because he said he thought I knew more that I did. Am I able to collect? I have a hearing on march 8th and i really need to be approved, is this unheard of??

Hi Lindsay,

No, it is not unheard of in fact I will be expecting you to let me know you prevailed at the hearing.

And to assist the paralegal in fighting the big bad lawyer why don't you use Connecticut's valuable unemployment appeal resource material to prepare for your hearing.

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