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Fired for being aggressive with a patient

by joe

Large teenaged boy was wandering around hospital unit and was threatening and doing things which were unsafe to himself and others. Nurse said patient needed to be placed in seclusion room. Many staff present, but I was the only person to intervene with security guards nearby. Patient was aggressive, kicking and spitting. I pulled his shirt up over his face to deflect the spit. Later I was told that because patient had asthma, this was a dangerous situation. Patient seemed to have no problems with breathing and did not get injured physically. Though many staff were present, none intervened/helped. One new staff reported feeling traumatized by the incident. No staff assisted or commented at the time of my intervention if they felt my behavior was inappropriate. I felt in danger by the patient and did not feel hostile or out of control.

Hi Joe,

I only have questions.

What type of "hospital unit"?

What was your position or title within the unit?

When you were fired, did anyone mention the precise reason you were fired .. because I'm still trying to figure out why you and not the nearby security guards was the one to intervene.

I'm also certain there must be protocol and some sort of training for how to physically handle such a situation .. you know do's and dont's.

Lots of information missing that I believe would be important for the employer to show your actions amounted to work related misconduct.

In other words .. you didn't provide any information that allows me to see what you believe makes the employer's case weak and what makes your position able to prove what you did .. did not rise to a level considered misconduct.

It's difficult to win unemployment appeal hearings without acknowledging what it is you're up against that might also be valid to their argument.


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clarifcation of incident
by: Anonymous

I was a psychiatric tech on a psych unit in a general hospital. The infraction seemed to be pulling the shirt of the patient up to cover his mouth when he was spitting at me. The fact that he had asthma seemed an issue, though he didn't seem to have breathing problems at the time. Security guards are not to initiate/assist unless nursing staff requests their help. My concern is lack of support from other nursing staff to manage the patient and with the fact that none intervened to alter my intervention if they felt my actions were incorrect.

Have you been denied unemployment? Seems to me without knowing more about why your employer feels your actions were of the immediate termination type for one instance .. you could argue you were performing the duties of your job in good faith and at most .. (without knowing more about employer policy or protocol for similar situations) it was that type of error in judgement i.e., one made in good faith.

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