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Fired for being late too many times in 2 years-----Mississippi

by Justin M

I was a salesman in computers department and the top salesman in TVs got fired. I was off for two days and when I came back to work all the mangers and supervisors asked me to move to TVs because the current supervisor was going to be promoted and they were going to get me ready for the spot I started taking some of the duties for.

They would like conference calls Etc. Then a new transfer employee started in my department and they quit training me and started training her. She got there not knowing me and didn't like me told the boss when she looks at the schedule and see's me working with her she say's it's going to be a bad day.

Then when I get to work I get pulled to the side by a manger and told that she said I'm justin I'm in a bad mood and I'm mad at her, then they tell me I need to learn how to get along. She gets the new supervisor and then she starts telling the managers that I got the whole work team not liking her and it's my fault. Then One day I come to work 8am-5pm work for two hours and then at 10am another employee comes into my department and the manager says come here, tells me I'm fired for being lte two many times

Can i get unemployment?

I was wrote up two times for being late !

And when I was late we moved stores and locations that's why i was ever late and every time I
was late it was only 1-5 mins.

Hi Justin,

Your story is a perfect example of focusing on the wrong thing.

You were fired for being late, yet everything you told me does not help me answer the question you asked.

I now know quite a bit about the trouble you were having with someone who didn't like you at work, but it is all irrelevant to whether you will get unemployment when being fired for tardiness.

If you really want me to answer your question, you would be better off giving me the details about your tardiness .. such as how many times, other than the two times you were written up, when was the last occurrence of tardiness and the most important part ..

What is the employer's attendance policy? 1-5 minutes late is still late, particularly if you punch a clock.

Employers are not the only ones who expect promptness is a duty or expectation "reasonably owed to the employer".. so does the state.

The rules provided to you at the time of hire are the rules you work within and they are the rules the state will want to verify to find out what you were made aware of.

Excuses for being late are either within our control (misconduct) or they are out of our control which at least gives us a leg to stand on when trying to get benefits .. if we can prove to first the employer and then the state it was out of our control.

So your employer changed locations .. did you know they were changing locations?


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