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Fired for being unhappy?

by Shannon

This past week I was fired from a job I had for nearly 5 years. First I was told I wasn't happy there anymore. They asked me if I was happy. I said that I wasn't unhappy, but was wondering what my future was there. I wasn't sure there was anywhere for me to move up, etc. I was asked if I was looking for another job. I replied that I am always on the look out for opportunities. I was asked if I had another job if I would take it. I said it would depend on the offer, but I do not have an offer on the table at the moment. They asked me to resign. I said that I was not willing to do that without some sort of financial support. They then told me I was terminated. We have an instant message service in the building between employees. They read me a message that I had written that said I was unhappy with my manager (which I had actually met with the owners about before... our whole dept. had actually. We were all promised follow up meeting to determine if our mgr's behaviors had changed...those never happened) and that I was concerned about her taking a new position in which I would have to work with her more. I believe I said I wish I could quit no matter what. I am not the only employee who sent instant messages of this nature... I received a number of them from various employees in the building... we all did it. I think even the manager has said some questionable things on this snap mail service. I have never been talked to about my behavior, always did my job above and beyond expectations, never had any warnings, always had excellent reviews. I feel I was targeted. All I really care about is getting unemployment and moving on. Do you think if they appeal I will win? I'm in Minnesota... Thanks.

Hi Shannon,

I can't say if you will win, but I think it is very possible.

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