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Well, I go to a hearing tomorrow morning at 10AM and felt confident til I found your website. Now, I'm crapping a brick!! My hours were cut to 20 per week. I was able to collect partial unemployment. I was fired for misuse of the company computer because I applied for a job that was in respone to an ad my employer had. Also, I was caring for my brother who has colon cancer, which they knew about. They would ask or tell me to come in, often with short notice and there were times I just couldn't because I took my brother to his appointments. I received a decision it was poor judgment and not misconduct. Now the employer appealed and I go to court tomorrow. I only had 6 business days from the time I received notice of court...what are my chances?

Also in an appeal, can they bring up other issues from the past? Or are they confined to the issue as to why they told me I was fired?
Thank you!


Sorry I didn't read this sooner, but I was gone for a week and I'm still plowing through questions ..

How did it go? .. And I'm terribly sorry about the brick thing.


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