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Fired for conduct not in the best interest of my Employer

by Mica
(North Liberty, IA)

I am in the state of Iowa and was recently fired because a customer whom i did not speak with was told by a supplier that i was rude on the phone. I do not feel i was, but it is a he said/she said situation. When brought in my supervisor said that there were numerous complaints regarding my behavior but when i asked for an example they could not provide one for me. They fired me the next day. I filed for unemployment and had my phone call last Monday and received a letter that i will not be eligible to receive because "for conduct not in the best interest of your employer." they said it was based under IA Law section 96.5-2. My question is do i have a chance in appealing this? If so, where do i start? Thank you!!

Yes, you should appeal it. You start either by following the instructions to appeal or you take a more proactive approach and let someone that knows what an appeal letter should consist of appeal it for you.

The writing of the appeal letter is free .. the hearing representation is not.

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