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Fired for dishonesty

I have been at my job a little over 3 years, and I have been through hell and back with this job. I made one little mistake that I think could have been handled better. I worked for a famous bakery in Philadelphia PA called (edited employer's name for your own protection)

I was a cashier and I was responsible for opening the store which was 7:30am Monday-Friday closed at 6pm. We wait on hundreds of ppl everyday. So I get a walk-in customer on a busy Friday who wanted to purchase a full sheet cake but we don't carry those on a daily basis you have to order them, so I offered her 2 1/2 sheet cakes for the price of a full sheet cake. I rang them up but I punched in the wrong amount so I had an overring I got them signed, now my employer never asked me right then and there about the overring until later on and when I was finally questioned about the overring days later I totally forgot about it. My employer called me to her office and she showed me on the camera what I had did and told me that I was fired for making an executive decision without permission. All I want to ask is do you think that was professional? Also she stole money from employees and docked my pay without me knowing. What should I do?

Professional? Can't hardly give my thoughts on that when I'm still in the dark about pretty much everything .. except your thought that someone stole money from employees and docked your pay? For what.

Sorry, I'm still not clear about the termination or where the dishonesty comes in ..

Whether you know precisely which written rule you violated or the consequences for it in your employee handbook.

Or, if you've had any relevant prior written warnings in the past three years.

Nor do I know what the video showed you doing ..

Nor do I know what you meant when you mention "signed".

I rang them up but I punched in the wrong amount so I had an overring I got them signed, now my employer never asked me right then and there about the overring until later on and when I was finally questioned about the overring days later I totally forgot about it.

Hard to tell what's going on here or how this is related to getting unemployment compensation in PA until I know more .. or have some reference for doing what .. about what.

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Fired for misconduct
by: Anonymous

I was called into a conference room at the end of the day and questioned about receipts from a business trip I had taken 5 months earlier. I took my significant other on the trip with me so he could sight see while I worked. My boss and the HR lead asked if I paid for my partner's meals. I said no, that I was very careful to make sure he paid for his own meals. They showed me 2 receipts from 2 separate airports that included charges for 2 sandwiches and 2 drinks and asked if I purchased a sandwich for my partner. I repeated that I tried to be careful, but it was months ago and a week long trip with many receipts to go through and it's possible I made a mistake. I was told I would be suspended with pay while they investigated. Then I was asked if I had ever made any personal purchases with my company Amex. I said not to my knowledge. The produced a receipt from 7 months earlier where I added a drink to a business purchase. I said it was a mistake in judgement and I was willing to pay back the $3. I was told this was considered theft and I was at that point terminated. I had an Amex card for 4 years and had never been questioned about my expenses. I had never been disciplined for any reason in the more than 7 years I worked for my employer. I was given promotions every 2 years and merit increases every year. The only change was my new supervisor of one year. In the first 5 months after she started she gave me a raise and a company award. The next 7 months later she began to be increasingly hostile towards me for reasons I couldn't explain. I was blind-sided by the inquiry and the firing. My initial unemployment claim was denied. I've filed an appeal but I feel really pessimistic. If they could fire me so easily and reject my claim, what shot do I have at an appeal?

None if the hearing officer isn't really impartial and open to the idea the new supervisor may of been on a witch hunt to terminate you for any reason .. even those others might see as being so trivial and so far detached from the actual date you were made aware and suspended .. while the employer dug for more boogers to stick to you to make you seem to be intentionall trying to harm the employer .. three bucks at a time.

C'mon .. chin up I'll bet there are even hearing officers .. who'd expect more than the minimum hourly wage .. to be called expense account fraud .. which I'm sure is subject to a policy.


13 years and no unemployment benefits.
by: Chris -

Why are you making a comment on a question about being fired for dishonesty?

The first thing I would personally do is determine what issue is preventing me from being allowed to get unemployment benefits.

If an employer fires an employee for a no call no show which just happened to be the final incident for the final written warning.. it's a discharge for attendance reasons. Therefore, I need to consider my position relative to the burden the employer has to meet in the state controlling the claim.

So, it's a good idea to know what an employer is expected to reach toward to prove any element found in this definition of work misconduct.

However, the possibility it might not of been a discharge for repeated violations of an attendance policy, there are times even I would explain to an employer to set them straight about the "burden", that two no calls / no shows in a row is generally adjudicated as a voluntary quit by job abandonment.

That puts the burden on the claimant to prove not calling in, or showing up for work was caused by circumstances beyond any reasonable person's ability to control.

And just in case anyone besides you ends up reading this..

Being incarcerated is not sufficient in and of itself as being beyond one's control especially if an arrest results with a conviction vs. say .. an acquittal to support you were innocent of any wrongdoing work, or otherwise at the time of the arrest.

employed 13 years and not entitled to anything ?
by: Anonymous

I worked for this company for 13 years when I got fired for a no show no call, although there was no one at the store in the morning for me to let know I couldn't come in for work. I had tried calling in before and the manager told me I couldn't call in - no excuses.

I had to figure out a way, but I was not to call in never.

I had been asking for vacation time for a while and that too was denied.

When I filed for unemployment I was denied.

I basically ran the store i work for but was treated as something less until they needed me to train or help and then they would recognize my capability.

But otherwise, I was not appreciated.

What can I do? I worked 13 years and I'm not entitle to anything?

I don't think this is fair..

was i wrong...
by: Anonymous

I was fired on ground that I was dishonesty. What happen there was two cashier and one was leaving. The first cashier had a bottle of cough med. that she didn't pay for and instead of the cashier calling the asst. manager she went ahead and let her walk out the store. When the asst. manager find out he went ahead a paid for the cough med. The cashier went back and told on us after we all agree to not say anything because that is what the asst. manager told us to do. Any way i was called into the office and ask why i didn't tell her nothing was said about the theif. So I didn't get a chance to say anything so if i didn't say anything how does that make me dishonesty.

Oh my, I don't even know where to begin.

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