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Fired for failure to properly perform - Florida

by Kenneth
(ocala, fl U.S)

The company has been in financial trouble. Needing to cut back, I was (along with my other co-workers) written up for petty things, in order to "weed" out, and have a reason to fire workers to save money. Inconsistency and hostile work environment made for an impossible scenario. Basically i was set up to fail.

Hi Kenneth,

Petty things, is a fairly general statement. What's petty to you may not be petty to an employer or a state claims representative.

Inconsistency and hostile work environment. Again, a general statement.

Even if an employer does create scenarios that we assume are for the purpose of "weeding out", it does not automatically negate the fact the employer may have good cause to fire you, especially if they have followed their own policies of discipline.

Kenneth, what were YOU written up for? What were the inconsistencies? What made it a hostile work environment?

The devil is in the details, the specifics of the facts that prompt you to make these general statements.

It would not surprise me if you were denied unemployment if this is how you presented the information to the state. You have not provided any information that would enable the state to allow unemployment benefits and they are mandated to liberally construe their unemployment rules in favor of a claimant. If an employer proves good cause with their documents it then falls to you to prove why good cause didn't exist.

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