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Fired for giving information they say I should not have


I am a supervisor and a couple weeks ago they called all supervisors in a meeting and told us that they would be moving some departments to another state. They said some of us supervisors would be losing our jobs and they would be telling everyone in a couple days and not to say anything. That night I went home and was talking to someone from work. They were talking about losing jobs and I stated I was worried because they will be cutting supervisors and some departments (not ours) were going to be moving. I focused the information on my worries for my job and the fact that my boss does not like me.

This person then went, 2 weeks after everyone knew, and told my boss that I had told her the information before hand. The reason they gave me for firing me was violation of company policy according to the code of conduct.

I was accused of talking at my desk too loud and other people overheard the conversation. It was not something I had done intentionally. They had me sitting by direct reports and sometimes people come to my desk and ask questions etc. Some people were listening and overheard which I did not realize. This was documented on my yearly performance review.

I was never written up for anything during my 8 yrs at the job.

My boss has often told me about other supervisors write ups and personal business and has even told other supervisors about my personal business without my permission. I never said anything because I felt that I would be discriminated against since my boss did not like me.

will I be able to get unemployment in Michigan?


I think your case could go either way. I'm going to suggest you check into
Michigan's Advocacy Program. I think the final outcome may be 50/50 and depends on which side puts on the best case.

Michigan is the only state I know of that has a program like this and it can be of great value to an unemployment claimant needing some representation. And I think you would be unwise to go it alone.

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