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Fired for hearsay/denial of unemployment due to supposed misconduct

by Nichole
(Cape Girardeau, MO USA)

I worked for a small hotel chain for a little over 4 and 1/2 years. I have a great track record for flexibility, attendance and evaluations. I was written up one time in all my years of service. The writeup was due to the guest being rude to me and I stated that. This was a month or two before I was fired. What I was told was that I was fired because a housekeeper said I didn't want to help a guest.

She also said when she talked to me about it I wasn't nice to her. This scenario didn't happen and upon being called in the office and fired, I was never asked what did happen.

Of course I refused to sign the termination document because of the fraudulent information.

Upon stating this the General Manager became very belligerent. I left without further incident and a day or two later applied for unemployment.

I received a disqualification letter due to misconduct for get this: Claimant was rude to a customer when she asked about the senior discount.

These are 2 very different reasons for being fired. The situation they stated I was fired for originally took place on 11-23-08 and it was because my computers crashed completely and I couldn't check a guest into a room. The report with vacant and clean rooms on it had failed to print right before the computer problems started. I couldn't check the gentleman in so I asked if he wanted me to get him a room at our other property located across the parking lot. The gentleman didn't feel well an didn't want to.

So then i asked if he wanted to wait and he said no. I kept apologizing for the inconvenience til he left.

The housekeeper had overheard the exchange and she became upset stating "you cant do that, you can't not check a guest in." I explained to her I had no way of knowing what rooms were available and clean to put him in.
She then left the office for a while. When she returned I asked if I could talk to her for a moment. I felt she didn't understand my position and job duties so I explained the situation. She didnt believe i did my best to help the guest again. I didn't understand why she kept saying that. I asked her why she would think i wouldn't help an ailing gentleman. She said she didn't know.

I didn't have the tools to help him any further here so that is why I offered the option of calling the other hotel. She rudely stated "don't you think me being a housekeeper I would have a room for you to put him in." I was stunned, why hadn't she given me the information?

I asked her exactly that and she said, "You didn't ask." She had the tools to help and yet she wouldn't help me. So after that exchange she left. I worked on Thanksgiving and then part of the next day, when they called me into the office to fire me.

So here I am trying to get information on appealing their decision.

Hi Nichole,

Why do people refuse to sign write ups and termination documents? Employers just write "refused to sign" where your signature should be and you have missed an opportunity to add your two cents to the document(s) the boss will be presenting to the state to prove you were warned.

All you have to do is sign your name and add "Please see attached response". Make a copy of your response because this additional piece of paper you are adding rarely makes it to the state until you provide it.

Nichole, you do not need to present the details in your appeal letter, but you do need to prepare for the hearing.

Missouri is an Attorney state and most of their statutes are vague. I suggest you copy and paste this site
into your browser. It's all about Missouri employment law.


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