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Fired for inflation of individual production numbers supposedly

by Jason
(Saratoga Springs NY)

I reside in the state of NY. Anyways after working for a company for 4 and half years...I got fired out of the blue. No retraining no nothing. Anyways I worked for a company that you could make incentive in. We were on standards in which anything over 100% you would make extra money in you check. I would put away pallets with freight on them with tags for the product. They ran a detail report on me and said I was inflating my numbers by doing the work the way I did. I was putting my freight away then scanned my tags off after I was done with the pallet. Trainers that work there now told me that's what they do because it is a faster way of working. Certain areas in the warehouse are where you do that. If you have 30 tags in one isle it is easier to just put all the freight in the bins then keep on getting on your lift and scanning the tag one by one. It saves everyone time including the company. I explained to them that I was trained this way by a trainer who is no longer working there. They told me I worked here long enough to know what I was doing. They told me that they had to decide on what they were going to do...that was on Thursday. Next Monday when I showed up for work 5 minutes in my shift I got called to the office and was told that they decided to terminate me from the company! I didn't have to sign any termination papers or anything. I asked if I had anything to sign. They told me they don't do paper work. They gave me no real name / reason that I was being fired that's why I asked for the paper work. I had no prior written

warnings or anything for the issue. Only for attendance issues which were now cleared up. I explained to them that I have been doing this for 4 and half years and there was no problem then but now were getting light on work I just get fired with no warning or retraining. I have claimed for unemployment and have been waiting for 3 weeks. The unemployment office sent me a questionaire in the mail asking me why I got fired and who was in the room when I got fired. They asked me if I was talked to or warned about this issue before. Stuff like that. I called today to see what was going on with my claim and they told me it was still under review and that the company sent in a request for denial for my unemployment. Then they told me they requested information regarding I guess the reasoning behind the denial request form. Unemployment told me that it received my information. That after they received info from the company that they would then make a decision. It would also be retroactive from the time I claimed if I am found that I can get benefits...or that I would receive something in the mail telling me I was denied with info about a hearing. So I wonder what you think about my situation. Will I get benefits or will I be denied? Should I take this to a hearing if I get denied? Well hopefully you let me know. Thanks.

Hi Jason,

I have a question.

Is there a written rule to do what you did a different way?

The reason I ask is because of what you wrote:

"I explained to them that I was trained this way by a trainer who is no longer working there. They told me I worked here long enough to know what I was doing."

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Nov 10, 2009
answer to your question
by: Anonymous

No there is no written rule of how to stock any product. Just do what you trainer trains you to do.


Since you were never warned previously, nor told by way of a rule that what you were doing could get you fired you should be able to get unemployment benefits.

According to the information you have provided the discharge was not for misconduct with good cause.

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