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Fired for insubordination b/c I couldn't complete job with the tools I had.

by Chris
(San Diego, CA )

I was given a large task to complete from my employer. I found that a software package was available for the task however, my employer wouldn't get the software to me before the deadline. I told her I was unable to complete the task w/o the software and she fired me for insubordination. Will I be denied unemployment?


If what you are telling me is complete .. it sounds winnable.

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Jan 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

my employer terminated me after 11 yrs. I was on a LOA per my employer because I was infectious. they created 2 bs write ups.. one for going home early prior to LOA cause I was itching and worried about exposure and 2 nd I take prescription meds last couple years for
my back due to injury .. I tested neg thru their drug test - it showed no signs of abuse. The MD who dis my drug teat stated that I needed to meet with employee health.. to discuss my Medication that I take (their protocal) and because I waited til I was back at work ( since I was told my employee health manager not to
be on site due to infection. Also they put that I didn't put scoliosis back injury on my medical screen 11 yrs ago .. (I've had scoliosis my whole life and back injury was last couple
years ago they fired me) but they didn't post an exact reason for termination.? i wasn't medically cleared by my doctor n I'm still on disability but basically they made up crap that had two sides to it to terminate me but since I was the highest paying employee in that position... their bldg a new hospital

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