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Fired for insulting my manager and "insubordination" ???

by GF

Hello: I need some advice and I'll try to make this short:

I use to work as a sales person and my day off was Sunday & Monday and as an usual sales person, when I went back to work on Tuesday, the very first thing I did is to check what the other sales team did the day before just to discover that a co-worker with the name of "D" (for privacy respect)took one of my quotes on Monday and converted to a sales order on his name, after that I printed both: the quote and his “new sale invoice” and then I confront him calmly and he said that he never checked the computer for any existing quotes and he made the sale, however I told him that I would change the name on the sale ticket to make it my sale and he refused and we start elevating the voice until he ask me to "go home" ( co-worker happens to be the new manager)and then I told him that I would not go home and still I would change the order on my name, and he said "I been working here for 2 1/2 yrs. and I've never checked the computer for any existing quotes" and the I reply "Well you been wasting the company's, yours and my time for 2-1/2 yrs. if you need me to teach you how to check the computer just let me know"....well he took me into the conference office and wrote me up for "insubordination" where I told him *who do you think you are?* and he replied I’m your manager and then I said *You are nobody, you are just
an "a--hole"* and I went back to my desk, open my email and I sent a whole company email including management and himself with the details about the sale and another one where he did exactly the same to me and at the end of the email I wrote: "well today I been wrote up for "insubordination" but who is encharged to bring down "D" from his godly heaven???"
5 mins after the email everybody that received the email was cheering for me and “Yes that was just needed”
10 mins after the email I was fired..."for insubordination".
11 mins after the email all that people that support you disappear

Sorry for the long drama but I guess that my question would be:

1.-If I get benefits disqualification do I have any chance to reverse it.
2.-To me (at least that is the way I see it) this is a clear case of abuse of there anybody encharged to bring this "God" down to the real world???

Thanks. GF

Insubordination? I would think unprofessional conduct would be more appropriate terminology.

Now .. I do understand why you might have been upset, given that your manager might have not followed a "company policy and or procedure" for making sure that you were credited with the sale .. since you gave the quote, but your behavior after that .. well, it might have been just a touch over the top .. don't you think?

You will have to prove that there was a good reason to act as you did. Possibly this was a recurring problem with this manager?

If I were you though .. I would not count on getting benefits.

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