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Fired for Misconduct claimed unemployment 9 months employer appealed an won.

by Chris

I, 9 months ago was on workers compensation doing light duty job.

At the end of my shift I went into the supervisors office and lifted a single sheet of paper. I read it and it was a small list of chores with my name and anothers thats it. I sought her out to ask a question. She fires me for tampering with a workstation or electronic equipment. It was only one piece of paper with my name on it. 9 months later my ex employer appeals my unemployment.

I had a hearing and the judge ruled in their favor saying i deliberately broke the my unemployment gets cut off but they want the previous earnings back. (5862 dollars.) I have to start paying within 30 days or else. Why was I allowed benefits just to be paid back? I am in IL. I am 23 with absolutely no money in my families home. Been looking for work months now.

The answer is simple .. it is the process.

And if you are being completely forthcoming with what actually occurred ..

You stand as yet another example of why I believe an unemployed person should have a hearing rep for a hearing.

Let's see .. three or four hundred buck for a rep .. or repaying 9 months worth of unemployment benefits ...

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