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Fired for misconduct - Patient fell out of a wheelchair.

I was wheeling a woman to her room to get her ready for bed I did not put the foot petals on her wheelchair many times we did not use them they were not in her care plan. She leaned forward and fell out of her wheelchair.I tried to catch her but it happened so fast, I felt totally helpless.


I can't help you if you don't tell me what the employer's policy is.

Does it state that you must have the foot rests on a wheelchair for any patient?

Or is it only required if it's in the care plan?

Does it state you will be progressively disciplined?


Irregardless, your strongest position would be one of saying it was a one time error or misjudgment. The employer will protest that it was not a mistake because you should have known better.

Misconduct does not have to be blatant. Misconduct can be any volitional act. This just means something within your control .. in other words a choice.

If an employer has a specified procedure and you cut corners to get the job done .. that's volitional even if you weren't intending any harm to someone.

An act of misconduct either causes or has the potential to cause harm to an employers interest.

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