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Fired for not being trainable?

by Debra
(NJ )

I was fired on the day I was to make a trip to Florida with my boss (Dentist). He already bought the plane ticket.

He fired that morning and told the unemployment examiner that I walked away from him when he was trying to teach me something, I entered the wrong billing codes and that I put the answering machine on the wrong message. So is that misconduct to keep me from collecting?
I might add that he literally fired me over night and completely fabricated the reason. As far as I was concerned I was going to Florida and not being fired.

Hi Debra,

You know, it's hard for me to say because it sounds like you have only told me what the dentist's fabrication or story to the dept. was.

What was the reason he gave you that he had decided to fire you? The mistakes you mentioned?

Walking away while your boss is trying to teach you something could be considered insubordination and that is misconduct, but whether it is or not is always in the details.

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