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Fired for numorous reasons

by chris
(wausau wisconsin)

i started the job in feb. 2008 in dec.2008 i was made shift manager i skipped two promotions to shift manager which made many employees angry and they started making false accusations about me now i am fired due to the lies and accusations they have cameras but refused to look at the films to prove my case they called me and told me i was fired and if i claim for unemployment they will not give me a good reference.

Hi Chris,

So what are you going to do? Are you going to file for unemployment? Will you subpoena the videos you say could prove your case if you file and are denied?

Quite frankly, your question lacks any substance. The only thing I know is that you claim you were fired due to false accusations by jealous co-workers who became your subordinates when you were promoted.

What kind of false accusations?

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