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Fired for obscene and insulting language toward employer -

by Anonymous

"I lost my job from Trader Joe's because I used obscene and/or insulting language towards my supervisor or employer. " I did not use it "towards" or "directly" at anyone. That is a false statement from my employer. I did say obscene things but it wasn't a face-to-face thing. It wasn't an intentional incident, and they discharged me for that. I have excellent reviews from my previous employer. I'm going to school next month. I recently got hired at Lucky's. I feel as if I didn't deserve to get fired. I was one of their best employee, and everybody makes mistakes; they didn't even give me a second chance. Am I still eligible?

Hi Anonymous,

You're from California right? I knew because you put Section 1256 in the title box.

Golly, I guess it wasn't misconduct because you weren't obscene and insulting to your supervisor's face, but behind their back to someone who must have ratted you out.

I see you're really good at accepting responsibility. So read this page

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