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Fired for one no call, no show

by A. J.

I was denied unemployment benefits for "being discharged for misconduct." I was a no call, no show, first occurrence, no prior write ups. My argument is that there was no "bona fide written policy," as well as, other employees that had previously done the same were not fired. Do I have any chance at winning an appeal?

All I'm able to discuss about what you told me .. is this.

If it were me, and I was about to potentially admit at an appeal hearing I didn't call off from work on a day I was reasonably informed, I was scheduled to work .. is I wouldn't stop at athe employer didn't have any sort of attendance policy I was aware of.

I'd extend my reasoning and argument to include some sort of truthful and credible explanation for why not calling off, or even showing up late for work .. was reasonably beyond my control and therefore, any other reasonable person's control as that relates to the given circumstances of why you no called / no showed to work.

Chris -

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