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Fired for Policy violation

by Anonymous
(Seattle Washington )

I live in Washington state.

I was an assistant manager in a retail business. We had a department manager let go for theft. I was let to because others cane to me with suspicion that she was stealing. I had no solid proof. I was trying to catch her. I did not report this to my superiors because I didn't have proof yet. Also I had put items on hold around Christmas time. And bag checks were not completely consistant. None of these were policies were followed or enforced by the other managers. I received no warnings, was just let go. Company policy is Verbal, written, and then final. The performance discussion paper states Violation of Company policy may may result in further disciplinary action up to and including termination.
What bothers me is the policy violation is not followed across the board with everyone that has violated these policies including upper Management.Do I have any course of action with this.


You have at least a valid argument to work with.

Here is a Washington State webpage that leads to a lot of useful research material .. be sure to click the "books" in the right column and be careful. WA has so many repealed and or revised statutes that I can't keep track.

When statutes are revised and or repealed .. there is always a chance that a precedent may be left that is no longer valid, but yours is a fairly simple argument .. so don't over think it either .. that can be as bad as not preparing at all.

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