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fired for poor attendence due to illness - Florida

by david

the job i work at has a point system for attendance if you go below 0 points you can be fired. If you call out sick or emergency they will deduct 10 points I had some medical problems which I have doctors notes for but I'm below zero points now. So chances are I will get fired. The company I work for is a large fortune 500 company ,I don't know if that will have a bearing.

Hi David,

The state doesn't care who your employer is.

If you are terminated .. be sure to document on the termination notice the occurrences that took you below the threshold to be fired were due to illness, and that you properly followed the employer call off procedure for each one. In addition document that you have provided a doctor's note to the employer for these occurrences, then go home and file for unemployment and make sure the state is informed as well.

If the last occurrence that took you below the threshold was simply an unexcused absences for a reason that can be considered within your control... you've got a problem.

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