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Fired for poor work performance. (A scenario for dened unemployment benefits.)

by Anonymous

I was hired as a conventional contract employee in March of 2008 , the company than hired me on as a staff employee and I became a fha underwriter. The boss really did not like me and would call me out on every little thing , I was on her list all my co workers stated. I would work long hours until the late evenings and saturdays . The boss would single me out for things , but yet alot of other employees were doing the same thing and nothing would be said to them. She made me a nervous wreck everyday and every chance she could. She gave me a written warning on loans that I had not done what she was claiming . I had perfect attendence, I did every thing humanly possible to keep my job. It did not matter she was always waiting for any little thing to get me on. And if she would call me out on something , and I would explain the trutht of the matter she would disregard it . If I questioned something being new to the fha underwriting , it would be portrayed as if I as inadequate or stupid . In tmy time at this company there were certain people who could not meet there quoats hich I did every month I was there come in late leave early smoke pot on their breaks remove items from the system not meet their 24 hour turn time and nothing was siad to them , but when it was me my boss was on me and on me about any little thing , the rule was to audit the

files on each underwriter on a rotating bases , but she audited my files on a weekely bases . Their are people who have hud defiencies , I have none and they re still employed . All co workers siad the boss had it out for me , my supervisor said it did not matter what I did , she was out to get me .

Hi Anonymous,

Here's the problem I see with your story.

You have rambled on about a number of things, which would require "action" on your part prior to being fired to actually get unemployment.

It doesn't matter if you had perfect attendance .. you weren't fired for attendance and attendance at work is an obligation reasonably owed to an employer, except when given approved time off and when something happens that prevents attendance that is "out of your control".

If this woman didn't like you and was making your work life miserable .. what did you do to try to stop the harassment prior to being fired. Did you document anything on the write-ups? What did you do.

As for all the other co-workers who apparently were getting away with murder .. while you were being harassed for any little thing .. what did you do? Did you take your concerns to your supervisor's supervisor or make any attempt at all to follow the employer's procedure for resolving grievances?

You said nothing that gives me a positive feeling for your chances.

Inaction is the reason people with legitimate work problems that lead to quitting impulsively or being fired unfairly by a boss that has it out for them, do not get unemployment.

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