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fired for preventing unexpected diabetic coma on 3 concecutive days, by breaking company rules

by Sylvia Devastated

I have been working for this company for 10 years without any write up. I have been a diabetic (type 2) for around 2 years now. I am also overweight, but not obese. Enough to had to get in touch with a company insurance health coach (nurse). This coaching has also been going on for about 1 1/2 years now. I started work for the past year 1/2 at 5 AM, getting up at 3 AM. Managing my diabetes with blood sugar reducing medication. I was told over and over to lose weight. I did a little, maybe 5-6 lbs. At my last phone conversation the coach told me, if I did not lose more weight in a specific time period, the program will stop and I will have to pay $80.00 more a month for my health insurance. I was suggested to cut back on carbs, so I did. I started about 15 days ago. Last week, I had the first episode, about 8 AM. Lightheaded, shaking, soft knees, getting dizzy breaking out in sweats. Never had this before, just sweating. I usually have candy in my desk, but there was none this time. I rushed to the Deli and ordered a Sandwich (I worked in a supermarket). Rushed back to my office and eat it quickly, while performing with my duties. After about 15-20 minutes I felt better and I went to my locker to get my money. I secured all the doors and made sure there was no vendor traffic and rushed to the Registers in front of the store to pay for it. This happened in slight variations on 3 consecutive days, and I started eating more Carbs again. The Friday before I got fired, a manager came to me on 1 occasion and just asked

me if I just eat something, while I was on my way to pay for it. I admitted and said I did not have a chance to pay for it and told him that I was not feeling good and very hungry. I had worked 6,45 hours without a break. Besides with my job there was never a relief system in place to take an official 15 minute break. I had to always eat during performing my duties. I only was able to take a 1/2 hour lunch break. But because of my operation hours, I had to wait most of the time until 12 noon. I got fired that following Monday. The Manager did not know I was diabetic. I had not told him on Friday, I did not want everybody to know. And we never had a discussion on why and what happened.

I got fired on ground of breaking company rule for not paying before I even took a bite. I did file a letter of appeal with the HR Director and did file for unemployment, investigations are pending. My doctor is also going to write a letter of explanation for me. Still, I have no hopes this will be resolved so I will be allowed back to work, or being paid unemployment insurance. There is probably a company lawyer already working on it. I don't know what to do without a job in this economy, where nobody is hiring someone who got fired.

You know what Sylvia .. if this had happened to me .. I'd be contacting a lawyer .. I'm not a lawyer, but as a regular type person .. I'd be feeling like maybe I was discriminated against by this employer .. maybe under the ADA?

I think diabetes is covered under it.


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