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Fired for refusing to pay for repairs to employers equipment.

by Robert

I worked for a company for about 5 yrs. At the beginning of this year I was fired for not making it on time to deliver scaffolding in Tampa due to a major accident on the turnpike and the company had closed. I was hired back about a month or more later.

On Wed. last week I was fired again for refusing to pay for the company truck to be repaired. This truck has been in and out of the repair shop numerous times because of mechanical failures, partly due to excessive weight being placed in the vehicle and lack of maintenance.

The truck needed to be filled with water several times during the last few weeks and the manager was aware of the problem. On the day I was fired the truck overheated again and shut down. The manager came to me and said that I could either pay to fix the truck or he has no more work for me.

I chose not to pay for his vehicle. Can I file for unemployment?

Hi Robert,

You better!! Tell the state just what you've written here.

The fact that this same employer fired you for being late with a load due to a major freeway accident and THEN hired you back doesn't help his case. Makes him sound impulsive and irrational.

The fact is Robert, if the truck(s) are as unsafe as you make them sound, you would have had good cause to quit. We, as employees are not expected to earn our living while exposing ourselves to the risks of unsafe working conditions due to the employer's failure to maintain safe working conditions as required by law.


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